Monday, October 26, 2015

Our Feelings, Friend and Foe? | Emotional

I have spent most of my adult life holding my breath, waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Allowing myself to be controlled by the evil and negative imaginations of my own mind.  These thoughts and imaginations came as a result of me giving full attention to what I was seeing and hearing. Life’s decisions, my acts and attitudes were dictated primarily by my five senses.

There was no separation. Every part of my being was infused together with what I perceived with my eyes and heard with my ears. This kept my emotions reeling and almost always off-kilter.  Because of this, fear had come in and made a permanent home in my emotions.  If fear said, “don’t talk”, I would not speak.  If fear said, “stand still, don’t you dare try that”, I dared not move. I held my place, even if I was miserable in that place.

Allowing our five senses to dictate decisions and
how we conduct ourselves is dangerous territory.

Photo by: Marilyn Martin
Emotions are God’s gift to women, and in my opinion (in some ways) the best part of us.  It is our emotions that give attributes like: compassion, empathy, sympathy and even passion.  But when we allow ourselves to be controlled by our emotions (driven by our senses) this can cause us to be self destructive and self-defeating.   Emotions are meant to serve us not to control us.

Allowing our five senses to dictate decisions and how we conduct ourselves is dangerous territory.  But as women this is where we so often live.  So what can be done to begin to put a safe distance between reality and our emotions? How do we separate how we feel (based on what we see and hear) from decisions that need to be made and still maintain that positive aspects of our emotions?

How do we begin? Where do we start to push our emotions back down into their rightful place as humble servant and dethrone them as master and reigning lord?  What is the secret, what is the key?

Join in the discussion. How do you keep your emotions in check in times when what you see or hear could possibility send you over the edge or make you feel defeated and wronged?

Striving to be a "Semply Whole Woman"

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