Monday, October 19, 2015

The Promised Land | Spiritual

As I face this new season of my life I do so with a vivid image in my mind.  It is the image of the first generation Israelites. When faced with the giants in their promised land looked at those giants and renounced the promise of God.

Photo by: Marilyn Martin
So here I stand today not able nor wanting to go back to the way things use to be with me. Facing my “promised land” and feeling much like the Israelites.  Overwhelmed by what is ahead as I move forward to possess all that God has promised me. As I stare at  “my perceived” giants in my promised land (lack, rejections, failure, being misunderstood, and not validated), these things almost paralyze me.  But what propels and moves me past these seemingly huge giants is the fact that the Israelites forfeited what was already theirs because they feared what they saw (or perceived to be a threat) with their natural eyes. 

I too, like the Israelites fear those things that I perceive as being a threat to my welfare, and it almost stops me dead in my tracks.  However, there is something greater at work in me that will not let me stand still. With each decisional step I take I declare that,  “I will not die with my dreams inside of me”. So here I stand on the out skits of my promised land, understanding that the promise does not negate nor come without opposition. I make a conscious decision to move forward, as I declare (the infamous words of Les Brown), “It is Possible!”.  It is possible for God to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that I dare ask, dream, think or even imagine.  All things are possible to him that believes, and I believe that IT IS POSSIBLE for me!

What dream to do you hold in your heart? What is it that you desire to do and dare not step out on for fear of failure, or some other reason?  

I challenge you today to dream again! Allow yourself to believe again… that “IT”, whatever your “IT” is… that IT IS POSSIBLE! Just contemplate the possibility that IT IS POSSIBLE.  Start there and see where it takes you. 


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