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For all of my adult live I have had issue with my body size (my weight). However, looking back at myself, I realize that up until my mid 30’s I was not at all over weight.  Standing 5’ 5” and weighting in at approximately 138.  I was by no means overweight, but that was my perception therefore it was my reality. 

It was not until after I was married for several years that my weight began to escalate.  ( I won’t ascribe numbers from this point forward J ).  But since that time I have struggled to maintain a healthy weight.  The fact that I often use food as my comfort, coupled with the fact that I am a total foodie makes this a constant challenge for me.  I also have a deep abiding affection for sweet dainties! This makes my plight even more daunting, so managing my weight continues to be a work in progress. The up side to this dilemma is that I have always really enjoyed jogging and even lifting weights from time to time.  However, the fact that I enjoyed jogging did not always guarantee that   I would make it a part of my life schedule on a regular basis.  For the longest of time, even though I enjoyed jogging (especially in the outdoors) most of the time I did not make it a priority, unless of course I was attempting to drop a few pounds.

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Although I am not at my optimum weight at this present moment and am working to knock off a few pounds, I have a new take on exercise.  Over the last year I have discovered quite by accident that exercise has a dramatic impact on my mental state.   I noticed that when I get out for a run (these days a brisk walk) I am more optimistic about life.  I also tend to be more objective about things that may not be exactly as I wish them to be.  I discovered that not only does exercise (in my case jogging or a fast pace walk) reduces stress, which allows me to think clearer, but it also increases endorphin.  This is why I always seem to have a better outlook after a good run or walk.

This new found revelation has totally changed my perspective on exercising.  Although I still totally use jogging and walking to burn calories to lose weight, I am now committed to making this a life-long habit.  I have made a commitment to myself to walk (or jog) 5 days a week primarily because it helps my perspective on life.  When I first began my commitment to walk or jog 5 days a week, I told myself that I only had to do it for one week.  At the beginning of the next week I told myself the very same thing.  I also put up a calendar on the back of my bedroom door and for everyday that I kept that commitment I put an “X” on that day signifying that I had done it.  On the days when I don’t want to get up I look at the calendar and tell myself that I cannot put an “X” on that day, which means that it will be blank.  That usually gets me going. I also remind myself of the huge benefits this small act will have on my outlook for the day.

If exercise is not already something you do on a regular basis, then I encourage you to consider making it a part of your life’s schedule.  If you already have a consistent exercise schedule, then take a little time to consider the other ways in which you benefit from it. 

I will share other discovered benefits upcoming posts on this subject, so stay tuned.  
Until then may you live well and realize that you have greatness within you because you were created by a great God!  

“Becoming a Semply Whole Woman” 

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