Monday, November 16, 2015

Love: What Does It Really Mean? | Love

Webster’s dictionary defines Love as:
a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person

I have always been an admirer of words, which is why I enjoy writing. I am by nature, through God’s creative design, a person who at my core, desires effective communication.  I am a person that means what she says and says what she means.  So by that standard, the way in which words are used have significant meaning to me.  

Over the past few years I have heard on more than one occasion, by a few different pastors that the
Photo by: Marilyn Martin
word “Love” is over used in today’s society, thereby making it under-valued. It has been said that one should never ascribe the feeling of “love” to inanimate objects such as cars, homes, jewelry, or even food. The word love should only be used to describe how we feel about people. I have taken that on as a personal belief.  Often times I will stop myself mid-sentence if I am about to say that I “love” a thing. I have a growing understanding for the importance and the power of words.  Scripture says, “death and life is in the power of the tongue”.  That is not to say that saying that you love apple pie is a death or life situation. However, I believe that as we allow ourselves to be desensitized to the true meaning of words this leads to less effective communications.

If there is no real distinction between how we feel about apple pie and how we feel about our spouse, children or family members, then how do we effectively communicate our love for one another and actually have it mean something.  I am not talking about the way love expresses itself. It is quite easy to express words of love but not have actions that convey the confession. No, I am simply talking about the verbal expression of how we feel about people.  I think in some ways this is why some have such an easy time saying “I love you” so quickly.  I guess if a person can be in love with apple pie after only one bite, then it’s not so hard to conceive that that same person would be able to utter the words “I love you” after only a few weeks or months of knowing someone and then a few months later be totally “in love” with someone different. 
This is just my personal rant on the subject, so please feel free to chime in and give your take.

Until next time, live to the fullest, laugh a lot and love much, and remember to never forget that you have greatness in you….. because you were created by a great God!    

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