Sunday, December 20, 2015

He Chose Me – SEMPLY Emotional

On August 8, 2013 during my time of prayer and just laying before the Lord, I heard these words…. “Your destiny is beyond the familiar”.  Hearing the voice of the Lord is not an uncommon occurrence so I received it with excitement. The difference this time was I actually took action.  There was something about that word at that point in my life that was an answer to an unspoken and unconscious prayer.  There had been a longing for something more that I didn’t know how to verbalize and on that night it arose out of my spirit in a way that just seem to fit. Those few words were like the missing piece of a puzzle.   That one encounter with God at the very moment that my heart was willing and ready to receive it, has changed the course of my life, from merely existing to consciously and courageously pursuing life. 

This post is days late because this past week has been a roll-a-coaster of a week, but in all that has “happened” I have new found insight and confirmation of recent decisions made.  I have also learned that I am not the only one in my age bracket seeking a re-connection with  true self and true purpose in life for this season. As I am opening myself up to new experiences and new relationships I am finding that I am not alone in my quest for life more abundantly.  Although not everyone that I have encountered thus far is at the same place in their journey as I am, they are never-the-less on a similar journey.  There are also those who are already at their place of destiny for this season of their life and they are living it out. That image of that so excites me and it give me hope, and  confirms the fact that I do have something of value to contribute.   

I am learning that I am in pursuit of purpose not for myself along, of which I was already aware. However, prior to recently I thought that purpose is what would give "me" as a person meaning.  I thought that purpose would give me significance. However, the truth is: it is because I already have worth, value and significance, therefore I am able to live out my life’s purpose in a way that services the needs of others.  I service not to gain a sense of purpose, but I serve out of the truth that I have value and therefore much offer to humanity.   

I am coming to truly know that all that I have been gifted with, all that my life experiences have taught me to this point is of value and significance.   At this very moment my heart is overjoyed with the TRUTH that God chose me!
Illustration by: Marilyn Martin

He chose me knowing everything about me!  He chose me knowing all of the mistakes that I would make in life!  He chose me knowing that often times I would not take Him at His word! He chose me knowing that I would (at times) doubt His love for me!  He chose me knowing that I would not always understand what He is doing in my life! Yet He chose me anyway, and set me on a journey to serve, even (and mostly) out of my broken places.  
And I declare to you that He has chosen you as well. It is up to you discover (if you have not already) what God’s gift is to you and how you will use that gift to serve others. 

Until next time, live life to the fullest, laugh a lot and love much, and remember to never forget that you have greatness in you….. because you were created by a great God!  

"Becoming Semply Whole” 

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