Monday, December 7, 2015

Identity and Value | SEMPLY Spiritual

In my last post , “Why Am I Here” ( I wrote about the insatiable desire that’s has been driving me to know my why, my purpose in life (for this season). I continue to grapple with that and roll it around in my mind and in my spirit.  As a result of this initial question another layer has been revealed, or should I say a deeper question: “Who Am I?”

For some this may seem to be a silly question, because you may be able to tell by my picture that I am no spring chicken!  Although I am no chicken, I have much spring still to be sprung!! J  Despite my age, I am at this point asking the question and I don’t think that I am along in what I am about to say.  

For many years I have ascribed my who, and the value of “me” to external things.  I attributed my who and the value there of to being; a mother, a wife, a minister, an administrator, where I lived, what I drove, and so on.  So who am I without these titles, without position, status and all that comes with it?  If my identity and value is not found in the fact that I am a mother, not found in being a graphic designer, or an aspiring writer, nor defined by where I live, then who am I and how do I determine my worth?

I am keenly aware however of the fact that my do (my purpose & my why) although it’s not my who (not who I am), but it (my purpose & why) is definitely driven by who I believe myself to be and where and what I get self-worth from!

Who I am incorporates all the things God has gifted me to do.  However, those gifts, no matter how great or noble are not who I am, they are simple what I do. They do not equate my value.  So often I have based my value on my do and even my possessions, and title.  So the question remains; without those things, “Who Am I”? Where do I find my value?  I think most people to some degree base their value and self-worth on what they have and what they have accomplished, never stopping to understand that they have value a part from those things.

Well, at this later stage of my life I have come to understand that my value is predicated solely on and founded securely in Christ.  It saddens me to say that have had a personal relationship with the Lord for most of my adult life but until now things were my center. I didn’t think that was the case, but if I got my value from my accomplishments and what I possess, then things were my center and not Christ.  I am now beginning to take in the truth of who I really am.  I am the daughter of the one and only, most-high God of the universe.  I am everything that His word says I am. This is who I am, this is my identity: I am a royal priesthood, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I am the head (not the tale), above only (never beneath), I am the beloved of my heavenly Father, and the apple of His eye.
I wish I could say that this is it for me, I got it…..but the fact of the matter is I am just beginning to understand who I really am.  I do not claim to have fully comprehended this freeing truth, but this one thing I do, I am forgetting those things which I once ascribed my value to. I am pressing toward the mark of the higher calling.  This higher calling requires that I know myself even as I am known, that I see myself, my value, my worth, my who, as God sees me.   I fully believe that as I accept and live in and out of the truth of my true identity, my do will become clearer, more defined and of better service to those I am sent to serve, thereby bringing greater glory to the one whom I get my true identity.  To my God be all the glory!   

I must at this point say that this is a work in progress for me. To keep at the forefront of my mind and my heart that I am not what I do.  That I am not valued by what I possess and where I live.  So I have asked Jesus to be my center.  

How about you, do you really know who you are and to what do you ascribe your value?   Is your self-worth tied to life accomplishments and possessions?  If so, I pray after reading this you will reevaluate and reposition your heart to say, “Jesus be my center”.

Until next time, live life to the fullest, laugh a lot and love much, and remember to never forget that you have greatness in you….. because you were created by a great God!  

“Becoming Semply Whole” 

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