Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Get Physical for Mental Fitness - SEMPLY Physical

Well, here we are again!! Time to talk about that thing we adore so much… physical exercise!!!

Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy jogging actually.  However, as of late it has grind down to a fast pace walk. Lol  It’s cold here in Dallas and that makes me want to stay cozy and comfy in the bed at 7 AM.  Although once I am out there I am glad and I know I will be the better for it, not only physically but mentally.  So, to ensure that I get up and out no matter how cold it is I enlisted some accountability.  This has been a tremendous help.  When I roll over and look at the temperature level on my phone and it says 32 degrees, feels like 24 degrees, I so want to snuggle deeper under the cover and return to that blissful place of sleep. Knowing that there may be a knock on my door asking me why I’m not up causes me to forsake the comfort of my comforters and get to it.

There are times when the morning walk is more about my mental state than it is about my physical well-being. Recently, there have been a few days when it was just that.  My need to get out for some morning rejuvenation was beyond necessary.  As I step out of my comfort zone to follow my dream of entrepreneurship I have much work to do on my own mindset.  Over the past month there have been a couple of days where it seems the negative thoughts were sitting on the side of my bed just waiting for me to show any sign of being awake.  As soon as I turned over they pounced me like a jaguar and as a result I wanted to stay in bed and feel sorry for myself.  These doubts antagonize me and tell me all about my inadequacies and try to convince me that better (let-a-lone best) is not meant for me. Despite how I feel I know that getting out is best for me, plus I am doing everything I can to avoid being asked why I am not getting up and out. 

Once out and on my way, the fresh crisp air helped me to gain the right perspective on the situation and my life.  On one day in particular felt inadequate and down right down in the dumps. I was glad that I pressed past how I felt. It was on the walk that morning that the Lord dropped an idea in my mind that I plan to go hard after.   That day confirmed what I already knew; my physical well-being is crucial to my success in business and in life.

So, the next time you are down in the dumps and can’t see anything but why thing won’t work or why they can’t get better. I encourage you to get out and take a brisk walk, go for a run or get yourself to the gym.  Once your blood starts pumping and those endorphins get stirred up you will find that things look better and you will be able to look beyond where you are and see the possibility of what could be.
Until next time, live life to the fullest, laugh a lot and love much, and remember to never forget that you have greatness in you….. because you were created by a great God!  

“Becoming Semply Whole” 


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