Monday, January 18, 2016

Word Over Matter - SEMPLY Spiritual

A few days ago someone on Facebook asked the question, “What is the difference between mediation and prayer?”  There were already a few replies to the question, so I chimed in with an answer according to my understanding.  

Prayer is a conversation with God, and most uplifting when conducted based on His word. Mediation in particular as of late has become an intentional focus, so this part of the reply rolled effortlessly from my fingertips.  Mediation is by definition: to think on, muse, reflect, ponder or consider.  In the confounds of Christianity to mediate is to think on and/or consider the word of God, especially in adverse situations or circumstances.  It is equally (if not more) important for us to mediation on the word in trouble free times.

Reflecting on the word on a regular basis has aided me in receiving the reality of it as it relates to real life issues. On yesterday I was driving down President George Bush Turnpike on my way to handle a business matter.  I glanced over to my right and noticed the grass and immediately Matthew 6:28 & 30 (IVS) sprang to mind. It reads: “And why do you worry about clothes? Consider the lilies in the field and how they grow. They don’t work or spin yarn,…… Now if that is the way God clothes the grass in the field, which is alive today and thrown into an oven tomorrow, won’t he clothe you much better..” So as I drove I took time to consider the grass.  At first I thought, that’s not really a fair comparison.  Grass does not have the ability seek provision for itself.  Then it dawned on me, that is exactly the point. 

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Oh to become like grass…. in that I don’t worry about provision for this life.  That I would cease from my own efforts. That I would stop wondering if I am going to somehow screw it all up.  To simply be busy about “being” and trust in God’s wisdom to guide me, His power to keep me and His love to cover me.  What a place of mental bliss.  So I continue to delve deeper into mediation and really considering what God says verses what my past says. I now make a conscious effort to consider what the word says and not my issues, regardless of how blaring some of the circumstances may appear to be.  Having anxiety over an issue does not produce a better outcome.  When I turn my attention to the Word and focus on what it says about me and life’s issues I always have a better sense of peace. Even in times of turmoil I have experienced peace that passed all understanding.  I wish I could say that every time trouble reared its ugly head in my life I had this wonderful sense of peace.  Unfortunately, that has not always been the case.    

However, I do understand that It is easier to abide here during those times if I mediate on the goodness of God on a regular basis.  You know the saying, “when you can’t see God’s hand, trust His heart”. It is much easier to trust His heart when I know what’s in His heart. 
So, if you are not one to mediate regularly basis consider making it a part of your daily or weekly routine. 

Until next time, live life to the fullest, laugh a lot and love much, and remember to never forget that you have greatness in you….. because you were created by a great God!  


“Becoming Semply Whole”

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